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Ten Core Concepts of Science of Mind

1. Unity. God is and God is all there is.

"There is not a spot where God is not." Nothing exists that is not God because everything emanates from God. We introduce the idea of the immanent and transcendent aspects of God. We explain the nature of ultimate reality. We explain the terms Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence. Behind the multiplicity of appearance is the oneness of God. Everything proceeds from this One Source. And therefore everything that exists has the same nature as this One Source. This is not a new idea. It is as old as the early Greek philosophers. Aristotle tells us that within each object, including humanity, is the fundamental "stuff" of the universe. This fundamental stuff is built into each object by God. Within each object is the end or goal of that object. Aristotle states that "the true nature of anything is the highest it can become." Meister Eckhart, the 14th century mystic states it another way. "Pear seeds grow into pear trees, nut seeds grow into nut trees, and man grows into God." We believe in the unity of all life. Behind the multiplicity of appearance is the Oneness of God.

2. Spiritual Beings. We are not just human beings, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We are awakening to our spiritual magnificence. We are not just human beings, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. What is true in the universal is true in the individual. Our essence is the same as the essence of God. We distinguish between personality and divine individuality. We describe the different names for God according to the different religions. We show why we are the essence of God but not allness of God. We are spiritual citizens of a divine universe. Our nature must be the nature of God because we are made out of God stuff.

The appearance of any negative condition in our life is the product of error thinking. Error thinking is thinking from a faulty premise. The faulty premise is that we are limited, mortal human beings, who are born of the earth, who struggle through life and who return to dust in the end. The truth is that we are unlimited spiritual beings, we are born of the Living Spirit of God. we are the immortal, conscious choosers of our life.

3. Creative Process. We learn to speak our positive word into the Law of Mind and co-create our reality according to our thinking.

We explain the creative process though the Metaphysical Trinity. The three aspects of the Universe are Spirit, Law and Body. God contemplates Itself and creates the physical universe through some inner action upon Itself. God is Spirit, God is Law, God is Body.

You and I are emanations of God. Because we are made in the image and likeness of God, we must have the same creative abilities of God., so we can and do create our own little universe by our own contemplation. We are Spirit, we are Law, we are Body. Our nature is the nature of God.

We explain how Spirit speaks Its Word into the Law of Mind and how manifestation occurs. We explain how we, as individuals, speak our word into the same Law of Mind and co-create our reality. The Mind of God is primary and causative, while the manifestations of that Mind is secondary and resultant. Therefore, all manifestation is the product of thought. All manifestation, including the physical universe, is relative because it changes when the thought behind it changes. Every condition that we experience in our life is the product of relative thought resulting from our limited consciousness. By becoming more aware, by changing the way we think, we can change the conditions in our life. Thoughts are things. Things are thick thought.

4. Evolution. Life evolves from simple consciousness to self-consciousness to cosmic consciousness. We continue to grow in our awareness.

The entire universe is evolving in time and space. Life is evolving from simple consciousness to self-consciousness to cosmic consciousness. The self- conscious person, the one called human being (homo sapien) is one phase of that evolution and is moving towards a new species, (homo noeticus.) The word "sapiens" comes from the Latin and it means both to taste and to be wise. It is a perfect word because it explains the human method of attaining wisdom: we taste the world, we experience life through the sensations of our body, we think about our "tastings" and form beliefs and judgments. We become wise about the world. The word "noeticus" comes from the Greek and it connotes a knowing without the process of reasoning; a spontaneous and intuitive knowing of the truth of things, an embodiment of truth. Just as a baby must go through a touching and tasting phase to apprehend aspects of reality, humans must go through the sapiens phase. But that phase is not who we are. We are not simply the tasters or the wise ones. We are the "knowers". We are spiritual beings. We are individualizations of the One God. We believe in spiritual evolution. The entire Universe is evolving and growing and we are evolving from human self-conscious individuals into God-centered people.

5. Prayer. We teach a scientific method of prayer based on five specific steps. We call this method Spiritual Mind Treatment.

We explain the nature of prayer and the nature of a specific form of prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment. We discuss the steps of treatment. We distinguish between prayer, meditation, visualization, affirmation and treatment.

6. Love and Law. All is Love and yet all is Law. We commune with the Presence of Love and command the impersonal Law.

We learn how to directly experience the Love of God. We explore the nature of Law and how it works on the material, mental and mystical level. We explain the seven spiritual laws. There are material laws that apply to our relationship with nature. There are mental laws that apply to the creative power of our thoughts and there are mystical-spiritual laws that apply to our relationship with the Divine. We choose to learn and live from the laws of the universe.

7. Abundance. We learn the principles of prosperity which allow us to flow with the flow of the universe.

We live in an abundant universe. We explain the power of giving and receiving and the nature of tithing.

8. Healing. We embody the essence of wholeness and know that any condition can be healed.

We explain the nature of disease and how disease manifests through lack of awareness. Healing is natural. We are in essence, perfect, whole and complete. In truth, there is nothing to heal, we need only reveal our perfection. When we come into the full realization of our inner wisdom, our inner love and our inner power, healing and wholeness manifest throughout our entire body, mind, emotions and affairs. We believe in healing. Through positive prayer any condition can be healed.

9. Immortality. We teach the journey of the immortal soul. Our  life here is but a parenthesis in eternity.

We are immortal spiritual beings. Our life on this planet is but a "parenthesis in eternity" and although we may make a transition from this physical life, our life never ends but continues to unfold. We are immortal spiritual beings.

10. Mysticism. We are at heart a mystical teaching revealing the mystery of life through the direct experience of God.

We distinguish between the mental and the mystical. We point out the difference between the psychic and the mystic. We explain cosmic consciousness. We explain why the Science of Mind is ultimately a mystical teaching and why spiritual mind treatment is based on mysticism. We live our lives from a sense of the mystical.


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